Commitment to
Health & Safety

We want to deliver safe and reliable products to our loved ones.
Monteur continues to pursue such a natural thing.
Our strictness of hygiene management is our proof of “Care”.
We manufacture products under strict voluntary standards and thorough management.

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Strict sanitation and clean rooms
in pursuit of sterility

Monteur has established strict hygiene target standards in-house, and manages the number of general viable bacteria with the aim of “300 or less per 1g”, which is almost sterile. For this reason, at our factories, we set standards for each process, from the receipt of raw materials to the delivery of products, and conduct strict checks both by equipment and by human eyes.

In order to pursue sterility, products are finished in a “clean room” where only air purified by a “Hepa filter” that removes even the smallest suspended matter is fed in and the airflow is controlled, thus ensuring thorough hygiene control. All employees are aware of the importance of “more safety,” and ensure that only products that can be consumed with peace of mind reach the hands of our customers.

Before starting work in the factory, employees carefully check whether even one strand of hair is sticking out in front of the mirror.

Employees gently remove dust and hair with a roller over the whole body.

Improved safety

All factories of Monteur have acquired JFS-C certification, which is “food safety management system” recognized as an international standard originating from Japan. Based on GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), which indicates hygiene management methods for manufacturing safe and better food, we are strengthening the HACCP system and building a system (FSM) that effectively utilizes GMP and HACCP. We will continue to further improve food safety levels by actively implementing [Kaizen] proposals from employees to work on food safety with the participation of all employees, conducting corrective actions, conducting internal audits, and undergoing third-party inspections.


This certificate is applicable for

  • Tsukuba Factory
    Manufacturing of fresh cakes(e.g. cream puff, eclair, roll cakes, tarts, pudding and dorayaki)
  • Minokamo Factory
    Manufacturing of fresh cakes (e.g. cream puff, roll cakes, eclair and dorayaki)
  • Soja Factory
    Manufacturing of fresh cakes
    (e.g. cream puff, roll cakes, Baumkuchen, eclair, cheesecake, chocolate cake)and baked cakes(e.g. Baumkuchen and pound cake)
The flavor and richness of sweets come from fresh eggs

Produced in Japan using safe and reliable ingredients

We produce our product in Japan using only safe ingredients. We use only the freshest eggs and milk, which are the main ingredients of our products.

Elimination of additives

Elimination of additives

Monteur products do not use synthetic coloring agents. In addition, in order to reduce additives as much as possible, we jointly developed original materials with manufacturers. We are striving to reduce additives from the point of raw materials.

Ensuring traceability

Ensuring traceability

Thorough traceability is applied to carefully select safe and high-quality raw materials, including identification of the country of origin and place of origin, confirmation of genetically modified foods and foods containing allergens, confirmation of pesticide inspections, and thorough hygiene management at manufacturing plants (raw material manufacturers).

Traceability in food is a mechanism for tracking information in the production, manufacturing, and distribution processes. From materials to packaging, we check inspection items and inspect factories and farms.