Commitment to Ingredients

Freshness is important for milk and eggs, which are indispensable for making sweets. The Monteur factory is ideally located near milk and egg production areas, and fresh produce is delivered to the factory every day. In addition, we are making high-quality sweets by adding our own efforts and ingenuity to such fresh ingredients.

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Pasteurized Milk Pasteurized Milk
Pasteurized Milk Pasteurized Milk

Pasteurized Milk

Why Monteur insists on pasteurized milk
Delicious milk that brings out the original flavor and sweetness of raw milk is the basis of Monteur sweets. At Monteur, we purchase raw milk and pasteurize it in our own factory.

The flavor and richness of sweets come from fresh eggs The flavor and richness of sweets come from fresh eggs

The flavor and richness of sweets come from fresh eggs

Fresh eggs are used to make rich custard cream and soft, melt-in-your-mouth sponge cake. At Monteur, we carefully select and purchase fresh eggs mainly harvested near the factory and use them to make sweets.

Wheat is used according to its purpose Wheat is used according to its purpose

Wheat is used according to
its purpose

Various flours are used depending on the purpose, such as cream puffs and tarts that require a crisp texture, and custard cream that is smooth and melts in the mouth. In particular, for roll cakes, in order to create a fluffy and fine dough, we jointly developed an original flour that is made by blending several types of flour and finely pulverizing it with a raw material manufacturer.

Custard Cream

The secret to the taste of Monteur - It‘s a fine and smooth custard cream.
Custard cream is an essential ingredient for Monteur products. At the factory, fresh ingredients are used to make flavorful custard cream every day.

Custard Cream

Custard cream is difficult to heat and requires experience and skill to make it fine and smooth. Therefore, at Monteur, we use a small-capacity copper pot with excellent thermal efficiency for this process, and we adopt a method of carefully cooking it little by little. While making the most of the original flavor of the ingredients, we have achieved the deliciousness of a smooth custard cream.

In order to make a smooth and melt-in-your-mouth custard, we studied even the state of the particles. After repeated verification of the number of stirring rotations, heating temperature, and other factors, we arrived at our current custard.

We cook several types of custard every day to match each sweets product. We are also particular about the flavor, such as jointly developing vanilla for custard with the manufacturer.

Manufacturing Method

Automation + Craftsmanship
A unique technique that has been researched for deliciousness.

In making sweets, it becomes possible to provide reasonable and safe products by automating the process. However, we spare no effort in manual work in order to bring out the original taste of the ingredients and make the most of the delicious texture.
Monteur prioritizes deliciousness no matter how much effort and time it takes.
And we are convinced that our commitment to deliciousness will be understood by our customers, and the moment when the word “delicious” is heard, we make another big leap forward.

Manufacturing Method

Homemade ingredients cooked in a copper pot

Using a small-capacity copper pots with excellent thermal efficiency, we make homemade ingredients such as custard and chocolate paste.

By carefully preparing from the raw materials using carefully selected fresh ingredients, we have achieved the high quality and taste unique to Monteur.

Roll cake named - Temaki

The roll cakes are hand-rolled in the factory

The biggest feature of Monteur’s roll cake is that the sponge cake is so soft that it cannot be rolled with a machine. Because the production requires a precise amount of force, each roll cake is hand rolled. The soft and moist texture is a delicious texture that can only be achieved by carefully rolling it by hand.

Joint development with material manufacturers

Considering the taste and appearance of the product, we researched the texture and condition of each sweet. Every day, in order to maximize the characteristics of each product, we work together with material manufacturers to create delicious flavors.



We use several types of whipped cream jointly developed with the manufacturer for each item.



We make original chocolates that match the product characteristics, such as cream pastes.